Lucky me, getting to work on Easter morning. Getting up this morning and watching my family do an Easter basket hunt and start breakfast while I got ready for work wasn’t exactly fun. And of course, the T decides to fail on me, making my commute way more hectic and almost causing me to be late to the shift I didn’t even want to work. What kept me from going crazy on that packed train? This song. Enjoy! :)

Officially old.

This week was a very strange one for me, as the students at Boston University began to move back into their dorms. The IT Help Center had it’s employees working some pretty crazy hours, so I was exhausted by the time the weekend came around. But the hours weren’t what I found hard about this week. It was watching as all the students returned back to campus, moving into their dorms and talking about their new school schedules. It was weird to me that every day after work, I was hopping on the train back to Eastie rather than going back to my apartment in South Campus. Instead of worrying about what books I needed to buy or where my classes were going to be, I spent all day in my office answering calls of students who couldn’t figure out how to connect to the internet (“So… it says ‘Terminate’ and ‘Connect’. Which should I choose?”). Best part? They put us in uniform:

The fact that I’m not in college anymore hadn’t really sunken in before this week. I guess now I have to suck it up and accept the facts: I’m old. Wah.